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Bring the Magic to Your Event with Jono Blythe: Why Hire a Professional Magician?

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Magic has always been a source of wonder and enchantment, captivating audiences with its illusions and tricks that seem to defy logic and reason. It's no wonder that magic has been a popular form of entertainment for centuries, and continues to be so today. A magician can be the perfect addition to a wedding, adding a touch of magic and excitement to the day. Whether it's performing on stage or up close, a magician can adapt their performance to fit the specific requirements of the wedding, making the day truly unforgettable for everyone involved.

The magician's patter is always upbeat, engaging and funny, making it an ideal addition to keep the energy levels high during the wedding. The magician will have everyone laughing, smiling, and asking “Do you remember when…?” for years to come. This is an essential part of any successful wedding, and a magician can help to make that happen.

In addition to the fun and laughter that a magician can bring to a wedding, they can also help to bring everyone together. Magic can be a great icebreaker, allowing everyone to relax and forget about any nerves they may have. The magician's friendly conversation will help to keep the conversation flowing, making it a great way to start the day.

Not only does a magician bring energy, laughter, and fun to a wedding, but they can also provide you and your guests with a lasting memory. The occasional souvenirs from a magician's tricks are the perfect way to take the magic home and keep it forever. These little gifts can help to remind you of the day for years to come.

Finally, it's important to consider that not all magicians are created equal. With so many performers claiming to be professional magicians, it can be difficult to determine who is worth hiring. That's why it's important to consider hiring a magician who is a member of The Magic Circle. This world-renowned society of magicians is dedicated to promoting and advancing the art of magic, and its members are committed to maintaining the highest standards of magic.

By choosing a magician who is a member of The Magic Circle, you can be confident that the performance you receive will be of the highest quality. The Magic Circle is a symbol of quality and expertise in the world of magic, and its members include some of the most famous and respected magicians of all time, such as the late Paul Daniels, Dynamo, John Archer, Michael Vincent, Stephen Fry and King Charles III.

So, if you're looking to add a touch of magic to your wedding day, consider hiring a magician who is a member of The Magic Circle. Their guarantee of professional, expert-quality magic will ensure that your wedding day is a success and is a fantastic talking point for years to come.

For more information on The Magic Circle, visit their website at

If you're ready to add some magic to your wedding day, don't hesitate to contact me, Jono Blythe, a professional magician with years of experience performing at weddings. I'd be delighted to discuss your ideas and requirements, and work with you to create a bespoke performance that perfectly suits your wedding day. Contact me today to discuss how I can make your special day even more magical.

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