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Britain's Got Talent ... Yes or No?

I've been covering a lot of questions I get asked frequently at gigs. One I get asked a lot is whether or not I would go on Britain's Got Talent.

This question is one of the easier for me to answer. Absolutely not.

Why? Several reasons. One reason is that, I don't believe in shortcuts or cutting corners. In other words, I have always believed in working your way to the top and I would consider appearing on such a show would be 'cheating' so to speak. I want to become well known as a magician because I've earned it and worked hard for it, not because three panellists make me so.

Which brings me to another reason why I would never want to do it, the panellists. Sometimes they are referred to as 'judges' but I've often wondered why? What exactly are they judging?

If I was going to appear on some sort of talent show, I would want to have the confidence that the people who were judging me would know what they were talking about. In other words, I would want them to either be magicians themselves or at least work in relation to the magic industry in some way.

And a third reason relates back to a blog post I added recently about how magicians I grew up watching made their mark. I am heavily inspired by magicians who made it big without the aid of the internet or even television on a large scale. I have no hesitation in admitting that I am an old-fashioned guy who likes to do things in an old-fashioned way.

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