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How did they do it before t'internet?

I find it an insufferable strain to keep posting content online. I'm told that, arguably, it is the best way to get noticed and/or get work. I try incredibly hard to post every day, but that proves to be so difficult as I struggle immensely to find things to post or blog about. I don't have that many photos or videos from gigs and coming up with things to blog about can be tough. I feel like I've blogged about all there is to blog about.

One question I've been asking myself lately is - how did they do it before the internet?

When I think of some of the greats like Paul Daniels, David Nixon, Wayne Dobson, etc, I keep thinking the same thing. They managed to get where they were in magic without internet or having to go through the almost painful process of posting things on a daily basis. So, how did they do it?

Well, I know that Paul Daniels, being northern, performed the old fashioned way by taking bookings at working mens clubs. In fact, his official tv debut came from an appearance on The Wheeltappers & Shunters Social Club, which was a tv variety programme based on a working mens club. 👇🏻

I also know that Paul Daniels started out as a warm up act for artists such as Perry Como. I've been trying to offer myself as something similar to modern artists, but warm up acts also seem to be dying out in modern times.

I wonder if it was more of a struggle back then than it is now or more or less the same. I'd love to know.

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