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Creating something visual

I was recently booked to perform at an awards dinner, which I was very happy to do, but I was taken unawares because the audience was much larger than I was expecting and the noise levels became quite overwhelming, especially after the awards ceremony when the dance floor opened up.

I started to think that maybe I had to abandon the usual repertoire of patter and dialogue and think about creating something visual. People couldn't hear me over the loud music and the crowds, so there was not much point in me approaching people with a card trick.

Sometimes, the best thing that works is something visual. Nothing much else is required. Look at the old fashioned silent film stars, they managed quite well with visual performance and no dialogue. Magic doesn't always have to be about patter and spiel. Just keep it visual, lively, upbeat, expressive and the audience can still be gripped.

Sometimes, all you need is a pen 👇🏻

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