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Insights into Patter with Jono: What Makes a Magician Exceptional?

Have you ever wondered what separates a good magician from a great one? Is it their breathtaking illusions, their magnetic charisma, or their impeccable comedic timing? While all of these traits play a role in creating a successful magic performance, one key aspect ties them all together - patter.

Patter, in simple terms, refers to the art of speaking while performing a trick. It serves two purposes - to keep the audience engaged and to divert their attention from what's happening behind the scenes. From quick-witted jokes to more understated deliveries, there are many examples of great patter in the world of magic. Some magicians opt for a more silent approach, relying on body language and music to communicate their magic.

So, where do I fit in? I have been described as having a good sense of humour and I love making people laugh. My background in depression has taught me to look on the bright side and find humour in situations. I enjoy cracking jokes and playing pranks, but I also take my magic seriously.

One of my favourite aspects of performing is interacting with people. Despite having Asperger's, I make an effort to involve as many people as possible in my close-up and stage acts. While I do have comedic moments in my performance, they stem more from my love of interacting with the audience and having a good time, rather than being part of my patter. My goal is to be engaging, keep the audience's attention, make them laugh, and be true to myself.

I aim to bring a unique perspective to my magic shows, and educate and enlighten my audience. I perform a card trick that is referred to as "The Trick that Fooled Houdini," a title that holds historical significance. I try to instil a sense of wonder in my audience by sharing interesting facts and trivia about magic, as part of my patter.

Do I need to be labeled as a "funny" magician? When you book me, you can expect a performance that showcases my love for magic. I aim to entertain, captivate, intrigue, and make you and your audience laugh, all while sharing my passion for the art. It's this combination of humour, education, and engagement that sets me apart as a magician.

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