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Jono Blythe: From Spectator to Award Winner at The London Improv Theatre

Have you ever heard the term "award-winning magician" associated with my name?

Well, it's true. I am indeed an award-winning magician. My journey to this title started a few years back when I was living in London and discovered a magical venue in South Hamstead called The London Improv Theatre. This venue was known for hosting a monthly event called The Magicians Showcase, where a small group of top magicians would perform.

I was immediately captivated by the shows and soon became a regular attendee. It was an incredible experience for me to watch some of the best magicians perform, and I was always eager to put my name forward to take part in the showcase. My hard work paid off and I eventually got the chance to perform in front of an always packed and enthusiastic audience, which sometimes even included some of my magic heroes like Faye Presto.

The Magicians Showcase was not only an amazing experience for me, but it was also the place where I won my award. The showcase was hosting its first stage magic competition, which was sponsored by Big Blind Media, a magic media company. I was more than thrilled to enter the competition and gave my best performance of a card routine and rope routine with an added twist.

The competition ran like any other showcase, with four to five magicians each giving a ten to fifteen-minute performance. At the end of the night, the audience voted, and to my surprise, I was announced as the winner. I was shocked and overjoyed at the same time.

During the competition, one of the participants jokingly mentioned that he had entered the competition just so he could call himself an "award-winning magician". This comment stuck with me and inspired me to add a little twist to my final trick of the night. As my trick came to an end and the applause died down, I thanked everyone for an amazing night and for voting for me. Then, for the first time, I jokingly introduced myself as "Jono Blythe, award-winning magician."

In conclusion, being an award-winning magician is a title that I hold close to my heart, and it all started from my journey to The London Improv Theatre and The Magicians Showcase.

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