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Jono Blythe's Everyday Magic: A Magician's Essential E.D.C

As a magician, it's important to always be ready for any situation that may arise. That's why having an Every Day Carry (E.D.C) is essential for all magicians. An E.D.C is a collection of tricks that a magician carries with them at all times, just in case the opportunity arises to perform a trick.

In today's fast-paced world, you never know when someone may ask you to perform a magic trick. Whether it's a casual conversation at the coffee shop or a chance encounter with a potential client, being prepared with your E.D.C can make all the difference.

My E.D.C consists mainly of card tricks, but I'm always working to expand and improve my skills. Card tricks are a great option for E.D.C because they're easily portable, require minimal setup, and can be performed just about anywhere.

One personal example that highlights the importance of an E.D.C was when I was moving house. I was about to take some boxes to the tip when I nearly forgot to take my E.D.C with me. But, I thought to myself, "you never know." So, I picked up my E.D.C and took it with me.

While at the tip, a couple of staff members saw the sign on the side of my car and asked me to show them a trick. I was able to perform a trick for them, thanks to my E.D.C. This not only left a lasting impression on the staff members, but it also allowed me to showcase my skills and potentially lead to future bookings.

In conclusion, having an E.D.C is a must for any magician. It allows you to be prepared for any situation and showcase your skills at a moment's notice. So, whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, make sure to always carry your E.D.C with you.

Are you looking for a magician to bring some magic to your next event? Look no further! Get in touch with me to book your next magical experience.

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