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Behind the Scenes with Jono Blythe: A Guide to a Seamless Magic Performance

As a magician, every show is unique and therefore every setup is different. For casual close-up events, I usually only require a few essentials to get started. I carry a pack of cards in my pocket and a few props in my jacket, making me ready to go as soon as I arrive. All I need to do is to ensure I have a parking spot for my car and inform the booker of my arrival. The booker can then direct me to the audience and I can begin my performance.

For more formal events, such as weddings, I dress formally and arrive early to ensure promptness. Being punctual is an important trait for me, especially for weddings where I may be booked for several hours. I usually change into my formal attire at the venue, with the help of someone who can inform the bride and groom of my arrival and direct me to a changing room. During my performance, I may need a glass of water and a short reset time to briefly disappear and reset a few tricks.

When it comes to stage or parlour magic, the setup is slightly different. The main thing to consider is the space where the performance will take place. If it's a stage show, I simply need to be directed to the stage. For parlour shows, I need to know the location of the performance space and how it will be arranged, such as having a space on the main floor for everyone to watch.

My stage equipment packs neatly into a single flight case and I can set it up within 30 minutes. I usually don't require any special lighting or music, but may need a microphone for larger audiences. The size of the audience is important for me to know in order to bring the appropriate equipment.

If I arrive early to an event, I may take advantage of the spare time to update my website and social media. Photos and videos of the venue can be a great help for my business and I may take a few snaps or record a video to post online.

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