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Jono Blythe: Magician | The YES Moment

Every performer dreams of that elusive moment when everything falls perfectly into place, leaving them exhilarated and shouting "YES!" from the depths of their soul. As a regular performer at The Magicians Showcase in London, I had the privilege of experiencing this rare phenomenon firsthand. Set in the vibrant Hampstead area of London, The Magicians Showcase was a monthly show held at The London Improv Theatre that brought together magicians from all over the city for unforgettable evenings of enchantment.

The Magicians Showcase was an extraordinary platform for magicians to showcase their talents, with each performer given the opportunity to captivate the audience for 10-15 minutes. The intimate theatre always buzzed with excitement as four or five magicians took the stage, creating an atmosphere of anticipation and wonder.

But what truly made The Magicians Showcase special was experiencing what magicians refer to as "the YES moment." This magical phenomenon is not exclusive to this particular show, but rather a concept that resonates with performers across various stages. The YES moment occurs when a magician walks off the stage, having performed their set flawlessly, and can't contain their excitement, punching the air and exclaiming "YES!" It represents that rare instance when every aspect of the performance—timing, actions, audience participation, jokes, and reactions—aligns perfectly, resulting in an extraordinary show.

In the world of show business, smooth performances are rare. Live action inherently carries the possibility of something going wrong, even if it's only noticed by the performer. However, on those extraordinary occasions, when every element of the act runs seamlessly, the YES moment emerges.

I recall one particular night at The Magicians Showcase when I experienced my own YES moment. It was a nerve-racking performance for me, as I was attempting a new mind-reading effect for the first time. Doubts and uncertainties loomed, but I stepped onto the stage with determination.

As the set unfolded, a wave of confidence washed over me. Every move, every interaction, every joke landed effortlessly. The new mind-reading effect worked flawlessly, leaving the audience astounded. The energy in the room soared, and the applause was thunderous. As I walked off the stage, the exhilaration consumed me, and I couldn't help but raise my fist in triumph and exclaim "YES!" It was a moment of pure magic, surpassing the usual elation I felt after a performance.

I had the fortune of capturing my YES moment on video during one of my performances at The Magicians Showcase:

Experiencing the YES moment is a testament to the power of perseverance, practice, and the connection between performer and audience. It serves as a reminder of the immense satisfaction that comes from delivering an exceptional performance, where every piece of the puzzle fits perfectly.

The Magicians Showcase provided a stage where dreams came true and magic thrived. The YES moment, a pinnacle of achievement for any magician, celebrates the fusion of skill, preparation, and serendipity. It is a universal concept that resonates with performers across stages, symbolising the extraordinary moments when everything aligns, leaving us breathless and shouting "YES!" from the core of our being.

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