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Jono Blythe's Hocus Focus: Will Goldston

Magic has been a source of wonder and entertainment for centuries, captivating audiences with its mystery and illusion. Among the many great magicians of the past, one name stands out: Will Goldston. Born in Liverpool in 1878, Goldston was a magician, publisher, and historian who left an indelible mark on the world of magic.

Magician, Will Goldston
By Anonymous - American Magician, March 1911., Public Domain,

Goldston became interested in magic at the age of eleven, and by the time he was a young man, he had developed an impressive repertoire of tricks and illusions. In 1903, he moved to London and began working at the Gamages department store, where he became known for his close-up magic and illusions.

Throughout his career, Goldston was a prolific writer and publisher, producing numerous books and magazines on the art of magic. He founded his own publishing company, Will Goldston Ltd., through which he published works by many famous magicians, including his lifelong friend, Harry Houdini. Goldston was also the founder and president of the Magicians' Club, based in London, which he founded in 1911.

In addition to his publishing pursuits, Goldston was also a notable figure in the world of spiritualism. He believed that psychic abilities were genuine, and he wrote extensively on the subject in his book "The Magician's Annual." Goldston's interest in spiritualism was controversial among some of his fellow magicians, who viewed it as a threat to the art of magic.

Despite his controversial views, Goldston's contributions to the world of magic were significant. He was a talented performer, a respected historian, and a tireless advocate for the art of magic. Today, his legacy lives on through his many publications.

Will Goldston was a magician, publisher, and historian whose life and work have left an enduring impact on the world of magic. From his early beginnings in Liverpool to his later years as a respected figure in the world of spiritualism, Goldston was a true original whose passion for magic inspired generations of magicians to come.

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