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Presenting a magic trick

How do I go about presenting a magic trick? Well, I look at the props I have in front of me and I consider what they mean. Can I use those props to refer to something that the audience will understand or appreciate?

The act of pushing tiny plastic swords into something doesn't sound very interesting or entertaining. I filmed a quick trick for TikTok recently and I began with a very boring and obvious narrative -

'Here, I have 12 plastic swords, which I will now push through this box...'

I just kept asking myself what the point was. If something is visual, why does it need explaining in that way.

Then, I took a few minutes and simply stared at what I had in front of me. Could I provide a narrative that meant something entirely different to the audience, but still provided the same magical effect? Then, it hit me.

Acupuncture 👇🏻

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